جي جيه جيه المصاعد ومعداتها

تتكون مجموعة جينج لونغ للاليأت من مجموعة شركات تغطي  اكثر من 800 الف متر مربع  مع اكبر خط انتاج اتوماتيكي. أسست عام   1996 وهي إحد اكبر واهم مصنعي المصاعد في العالم  اذ :.تحقق افضل الإيرادات عالميا  ولديها جزء متعلق  بإنتاج الرافعات البرجيه

  في عام 2009 تم اعتماد الشركه في منظمة سايك العالميه كاشهر المنتجات الصينيه في العالم مما  رفع من سمعة الشركة عالميا .

HOE OMAN : Placing boom for sale in Oman, stationary concrete pumps are also for sale in Oman.

House of Equipment Oman has been supplying a placing booms in the GCC. On top of that, the quality of these placing booms are very high that most of the customers in the GCC prefer to use this brand called boomtech placing boom. Contact us if you need to buy placing booms in Oman. 

HOE OMAN : Tower Crane for sale in Oman 

House of Equipment as well has numerous number of projects in Oman to supply tower cranes as below:

  • Tower Crane at Muscat Police Headquarter in Oman
  • Tower Crane at Muscat Police Hospital Health Club Oman
  • Tower Crane at Grand Mall Oman
  • Tower Crane at Avenue Mall Oman
  • Tower Crane at Al Qurum Mosque, Oman
  • Tower Cranes at Muscat Hills Residential Buildings Oman
  • Tower Crane at the Palm Mall - the biggest mall in Oman
  • Tower Crane at Al Ghoubra Mall in Oman
  • Tower Crane at National Bank of Oman- Oman Headquarters
  • Tower Crane at a Building in Seeb - Oman
  • Tower Crane at a Commercial Building in Ruwi - Oman
  • Tower Crane at a Commmercial Building in Muscat - Oman
  • Tower Crane at a  Commercial Building in Azaibah - Oman
  • Tower Crane at a  Commercial Building in Ghala - Oman

HOE OMAN : Passenger Hoist for sale in Oman.

Aside from Tower Crane, House of Equipment Oman is dealing as well with selling of passenger hoist or construction hoists. The best brand that is very popular in thee GCC is Orbit passenger hoist which happens to have an advanced control system for the smooth passenger transportation.

Some projects highlight were Orbit Passenger hoist in a Mall project in Oman, Residential Building's passenger hoists and many others.

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