Locatelli Mobile Crane

Locatelli Mobile Crane


Locatelli Rough Terrain Cranes

Locatelli Cranes S.r.l is the first Italian company manufacturer of Telescopic Hydraulic cranes and specialized in the production of rough terrain cranes, ranging from 12.5 through 60 metric ton capacity as well as city cranes 20 ton and 40 ton capacity, with a great choice of options for different applications.

ModelGRIL 8125 GRIL 8300T GRIL 8400T 8500T 8500TL 8600T 8700T 8800T
Capacity (t) 12,5 30 35 45 50 60 65 80
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Locatelli City Crane

360° unrestricted visibility to the load, short, or long boom, fourwheel drive and four – wheel steer and high lifting capacities. Ideal for erection jobs, general construction, pipe-lines and electrification. Also popular for load handlings in ports, yards and for industrial applications. Several models with great choice of options for different applications.


Concentrated crane technology combining the compact size, off the road maneuverability and pick and carry capacity of RT-cranes with the comfortable and high-speed readability of truck cranes. No front overhang while traveling on road and 360 unrestricted visibility to the load when working. Four wheel drive, fourwheel steer and lockable hydro gas suspensions. Ideal for rental companies, construction companies and public works.

Model ATC 20

Capacity: 20 T

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